A legit 3-minute make-up routine

I’ve been on a make-up tutorial kick the last couple of months and what never fails to crack me up is when someone posts a video about a “quick and easy” or “every day” look and it’s 15 minutes and 25 products long. When I’m in a rush (or flat out feeling lazy), here’s my routine…
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Why having a dog is like having a child

Look, I get that parents usually don’t like when you compare having a dog to having children, especially when don’t have children. But from what I’ve observed my friends and family go through, there are a lot of similarities. As parent, have you: My dog Remy, caught looking especially wistful on a sunny afternoon. Stepped…
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“You look really young!”

Today, someone told me that my skin looked great and I looked really young and it made me cringe. I know the person who said it meant it as a compliment and without any malice. Yet I still cringed. I spend a lot of time (and let’s be honest, money) on skin care. Yet I still cringed.…
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Sometimes, there is an “I” in team

In 2004, the Detroit Pistons beat the Los Angeles Lakers and won the national championship. There was a lot of talk at the time about how the Pistons were a “team” and the Lakers were “Kobe and some other guys”. That theory is why some believe they won the championship that year. We’ve heard it…
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