It’s not just one thing, it’s everything

I have naturally curly hair that I have been in a complicated relationship with for most of my life. There are days that I love my curls, days that I get frustrated by them, and days that I admit defeat and either straighten my hair or pull it up into a bun.

A friend reached out recently to ask for a product recommendation to manage their curly hair that kept going frizzy because they have tried everything! And nothing works!

Well, that’s a complicated answer. It’s not just one thing you do, it’s everything.

There is no magic product that will tame your curls and make them as perfectly coiled as you see on the screen. As any curly haired girl or guy can attest, there is no such thing as wash-and-go curls. Water type, lifestyle, access to products, a good hair stylist, and weather are just some of the factors that can determine if you have a good curl day or a bad one. You have to do many things and take many things into consideration.

Where else does this show up in our lives?

Is it in our health and wellness? Is it in taking up a new hobby? Is it in our work? Is it in our marketing?

(You had to know what this was leading up to!)

Managing your marketing is similar to managing naturally curly hair. You cannot just start an Instagram account and expect to strike gold. You need a website, you need content, you need photography, you need graphic design and most importantly, you need a really good product or service to sell. There’s no magic product that will take care of everything for you.

It’s not one thing you do in marketing. It’s everything you do in marketing that can determine if you are a success or failure.

You may get lucky and strike it rich off one thing. But the odds are stacked against you. Invest in the time, invest in the money, and invest in yourself to be a success.

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