My Yoga Journey

I first tried yoga in April 2011, after my roommate at the time insisted that yoga was the cure for all that ails you. She was a yoga instructor and after finally attending one of her classes, I knew she was right. And thus, my yoga journey began.

What I have learned on the mat through my personal yoga practice has helped me navigate life off the mat. I believe in the healing powers of the physical practice of yoga, for mental and physical health. I decided to pursue my teaching certificate for many reasons — one of which is the desire to share the joy I have found through yoga with others.

I believe yoga is truly for everybody and every BODY. My goal is to make yoga more accessible to those who think they cannot do yoga because they do not look a certain way. One of my favorite things about the physical practice of yoga is there is always somewhere you can go, meaning there is always a pose variation available that fits any body, any day.

I hold a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) 200 certification through Yoga Alliance, the largest nonprofit association representing the yoga community. I completed my yoga teacher training program in May 2020 through Prana Yoga Center in Grand Blanc, Michigan and am trained in the ashtanga vinyasa tradition. I received an Accessible Yoga certification in May 2021 through Accessible Yoga Training School.

I am available to work with non-profit or Flint-based community organizations to donate my teaching services for fundraising and/or special events. I am also available for private yoga classes in Flint and surrounding areas. Contact me for more information!

Upcoming Classes & Events

Dabble Community Enrichment Center.
210 North Saginaw Street
Durand MI 48429

Cost: $10/session

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Keep in Touch

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